Friday, June 6, 2008

maybe maybe maybe

Don't get too excited, but I thought I might try this again.
I have recently realized that my scholastic ambitions are a little unrealistic in that the establishment expects me to take 49 credits of undergraduate work, along with the 32 credits of graduate work, to certify while gaining a masters in music education. I am not giving up by any means and I expect to have a definate heart to heart with my counselor, as soon as I can decide who that is exactly, to trim those credits down to a reasonable level. I may, however, shift my ambitions slightly to fit my particular skill set. Where can I work with a masters in music education, but without the teacher certification necessary to educate in the public primary and secondary institutions? Bear in mind that I cannot currently play my axe at the level with which I gained my performance based bachelors. I am going to find such a place and then decide if I want to be employed there; be it a charter or private school or teaching under the moniker of a qualified professional in the public sector. I believe this is possible, any helpful comments would be appreciated. Good night, and good luck.