Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Little sister

Now that Isaac has a new bike Kaitlyn gets his old tricycle which she has been eying for quite some time. She can't get her feet down to the pedals so when we go out to ride bikes she has to be pushed around like a princess or she yells at you.

Bicycle Bicycle Bicycle

Isaac got a big kid bike for his birthday and yes he has a helmet he just hadn't opened it yet. I think he figures he actually is Spiderman when he rides the bike. It has training wheels, but he is learning how to stop without dragging his feet on the pavement and how to honk the horn.

Birthday Birthday Birthday

So Isaac has just reached the great age of 4 and he either wanted a firebreathing dragon cake or a purple bunny cake. It was a close one, but in the end the dragon won out. I made it out of cupcakes which was nice because then I didn't have a bunch of cake left over for like a week afterward. His birthday was pretty fun even though I didn't throw a big party for him this year, let's be honest though, he was more interested in presents then in anything else.