Monday, August 24, 2009

The story of a bear; or love defined

In the beginning there was a little girl

and the girl found a bear.
The girl loved the bearan took the bear everywhere she went

and the girl was happy
The bear got dirty
The bear got washed
The girl grew

The bear stayed her best friend
The bear lost a leg

The bear had his leg sown back on

The bear returned from whence he came
To see his grown up friends
He stayed with the girland the girl was happy


KATIE said...

very cute. Reminds me of the Giving Tree but without the sad parts. I like the picture of the big one holding the little bear.

Natalie Decker said...

How great is the picture of Big Pooh holding Little Pooh!!!
Wht happens when he disentigrates? Or falls out the car window? Or...etc. I am having anxiety.

Megan D. said...

You are cute and so is your kid. :)

Life out Here said...

Oh my gosh. I love the picture with the life sized Winnie. Aw.

Sariah said...

Cutest story EVER! :)

Z-Kids said...

(Wonderful story of girl + bear!)

Congrats Candi! You won the BIG 10-book Prize Pack giveaway on Bookie Woogie! Write to me at with a mailing address, and we'll ship your prize out to you!

All our best!

Ines said...

That is sooo lovely! ines

Pamila said...

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